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The Montreal Chamber Music Festival is honoured to welcome well-known pianist, composer, and former director of Orchestre symphonique de Québec, Yoav Talmi, and the world premiere of his Clarinet Quintet, commissioned by the Festival. Regarding his choice to write a Clarinet Quintet, Talmi comments, “Clarinet is an instrument that I always loved, and with a String Quartet, it creates one of the most homogenous music ensembles. The wide range of the clarinet, combined with the harmonious sound of a string quartet, gives ample possibilities for a composer to implement musical ideas.”

The premiere in Montreal on June 15, 2017 will be presented by the Israeli Chamber ProjectTibi Cziger, clarinet; Yehonatan Berick and Carmit Zori, violins; Nitai Zori, viola; and Michal Korman, cello.





Yoav Talmi was chosen winner of the 2013 Prime Minister's Prize for composers


The Jury’s reasons for awarding Yoav Talmi the Prize:

"The two orchestral works of composer and conductor Yoav Talmi, "Elegy" and "De Profundis", reveal musical and compositional ability, impressive and multifaceted, that by its unique style successfully communicates expressions of desires, doubts, questions, pleas and hopes in a way that blurs the boundaries between private and public emotion, so that the listener can surrender to them and deeply identify with the music. The composer clearly indicated the sources of inspiration in the titles and preface of the two works, the texts and the musical quotations he used, many of which related to sources and events (some personal) of the history of the Jewish people."

De Profundis


      "De Profundis" for choir and orchestra, a four- movement work composed recently by Talmi, is certainly an important composition. Driven by a burst of strength and youth, agile, full of life and contrasts, this music relies on a smooth, flowing and expert writing. The energy released by the big instrumental and vocal forces appeared both flexible and monumental. Under the conductor’s baton, the work sprang out like a true cry from the heart.

Richard Boisvert Le Soleil, Quebec May 26, 2011


The most interesting element of the program was "De Profundis", a 23-minute cantata in four movements by Talmi himself. Beethoven’s finale possibly furnished a model: The palette was eclectic. Many were the stylistic twists and turns, ranging from purely homophonic a cappella (notably by an offstage ensemble) to a passage of random whispered speech in various languages, with a boisterous instrumental scherzo in between. That Tower of Babel bit was fascinating. The QSO choristers found their voices, quite heroically, in the (mostly Latin) final minutes.

Arthur Kaptainis, National Post, Toronto, May 30, 2011


All those privileged who have attended one of the three performances (May 25, 26, 27, 2011) will keep an unforgettable memory. ..."De Profundis" presents itself sometimes as a meditative work and sometimes as a work full of colossal energy. The musicians and singers, in perfect harmony, interpreted this work magnificently, as if thanking the Maestro for having led them so wonderfully throughout his 1 3 musical years.

Jean-Marc Gaudreau, Nouvelles (online), June 3,  2011



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