Full House for a Festive Evening
“Aftenposten”, Oslo, Norway, October 27, 1989
Idar Karevold

Yoav Talmi with the Oslo Philharmonic

There are certain events which remain as highlights in the memory. The concert on Thursday with pianist Radu Lupu and the Oslo Philharmonic, led by Yoav Talmi, had such an impact.

... The concert opened with Grieg’s "Two Norwegian Melodies" op.63 in a concentrated and well formed presentation. After the Mozart's Piano Concerto in A Major K.488 with Radu Lupu, came the symphonic main work of the evening: Saint-Saens Symphony No.3 in C minor.

Here Yoav Talmi unfolded as a master orchestral conductor. His insight into the material and his intense power to communicate, contributed in giving drive and lift to the work. The symphony belongs to the type that reaches great triumphs of sound. On this occasion the conductor, orchestra & organist all joined to produce a lavish result. The Oslo Concert-Hall was full to capacity and the response of the public - enormous. This was a truly festive occasion in the Oslo Concert-Hall.

Beautiful as well as powerful
“Aftenposten”, Oslo, November 16, 1990
Idar Karevold

Yoav Talmi conducts the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

...The collaboration between the orchestra and the conductor was just superb: it was Yoav Talmi who led the orchestra. He demonstrated once more why he is among the most sought-after conductors these days. He radiates calmness and flexibility alongside full control and authority. This served him well in Prokofiev's 2nd Violin Concerto in which the orchestral part was given rich nuances. The program opened with the Norwegian composer Knut Nystedt "Ichtys" in which he used the sound of the various orchestra sections very attractively.

...The main work after the interval was Brahms' 1st Symphony in C minor. Talmi chose to shape it in the dramatic direction in which the contrasts within and between the movements come into focus. This was a thoroughly prepared and beautifully played performance.