A Feast for the spiritual eye
“Süddeutsche Zeitung”, Munich, March 21, 1980
Wolfgang Schreiber
Yoav Talmi conducts Mahler 2nd Symphony in Herkules hall

…In order to understand Mahler's symphonic feast - especially this more naive and brightly-colored Second Symphony - the audience needs to approach it with a fresh ear and eye; above all it must not be mistaken for program music. A conductor must apply this approach to any performance of this grandiloquent work, together with the ability to control and guide successfully a huge ensemble of orchestra (Mahler demands 7 percussionists alone), off-stage brass, mixed choir and soloists - through the score. Furthermore, rhythmic security is essential, above all in the tumultuous, complex tempi impulses in the last movement, as well as an analytical perception of the harmonically forward-looking aspects of the opening movement. Yoav Talmi demonstrated all these abilities in this well contrasted and convincing Performance and stimulated the Munich Philharmonic to a splendid, totally integrated orchestral achievement.

Talmi, who has never before shown himself as convincingly as he did here, conducted by heart. He carried the often changing tempi in his head, negotiated the tricky transitions with total conviction and observed the multiple dynamic gradations of the score while remaining faithful to the musical sense and brought burning enthusiasm to the heaven-storming impulsiveness of the young Mahler. His was no complacent or omniscient reading. ...Much applause for all participants. Shouts of 'bravo' for Yoav Talmi.