Beethoven's Seventh Symphony in one stroke
Hamburg - May 15, 2001
Peter Krause
Noble entertainment full of esprit, sensuality and briskness:
The Hamburger Symphoniker gave their very best under Yoav Talmi.

Sometimes those decisions, which are not making spectacular headlines in the beginning, are the best when they are looked at in retrospective. The choice of appointing Yoav Talmi as chief conductor of the Hamburg Symphony turns out to be a real case of luck for the music life of Hamburg, as proven again and again in each and every concert conducted by the Israeli maestro. When he and his musicians accepted on Saturday evening the enthusiasm of the public after the dramatic performance of Beethoven's seventh symphony, the orchestra applauded their chief with demonstrative emotion. We have been accustomed to this kind of enthusiastic rituals only when the old maestro Guenter Wand conducts its NDR symphony players.

…With the huge Seventh Symphony by Beethoven the "Symphoniker" picked a key work of the late classics as centre of attraction of the evening… Talmi drove Beethoven's vibrating and dancing forms with passion, stimulated the tempo to its utmost and unfolded a fire of vigorous playing of the orchestra. The harmony between Talmi and the Hamburger Symphoniker may be called congenial, without any hesitation. It's getting again exciting in the monotonous routine of the Symphony in Hamburg.