Talmi evoked Dvorak with Conception and Temperament
Israeli made his debut with the Berlin Philharmonic
“Beliner Morgenpost", June 6, 1982

…Yoav Talmi, the young Israeli conductor who jumped-in at a last-minute notice to replace Carlos Kleiber, made in his Berlin debut a very good impression. He is a conductor with temperament and command, whose interpretation leads towards a clear goal.

The orchestra's musicians helped their guest with appreciative manner. In spite of the heavy heat in the hall, they played with delight and willingness and thus helped their sympathetic conductor to his absolute success.

True, Dvorak's famous "New World" symphony is a shining vehicle for someone to exhibit his ability. But it can also shiningly break one down and there is no immunity against it. Talmi understood it, and without taking the middle-road, he removed all obstacles out of the way. He stimulated when it was necessary, he evoked and subdued, he sharpened the tempos. In a most impressive way, without attracting importance to himself, he was absolutely essential.